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The website of our association medHerz e.V. will be established shortly.


Our association has obligated itself to support regions with a considerable lack of medical care. In this matter, we mainly focus on supplying medical equipment to hospitals and other medical facilities. This includes, for example, the delivery of fundamental aids such as stethoscopes or blood pressure cuffs.

Another crucial aspect of our work is to draw attention to the problematic medical care in our project areas.


Please visit us again in a few weeks and feel free to inform you about us and our projects!


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your medHerz team

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Due to stays and cooperation on site, we understand the prevailing circumstances quite well and know how, when and where our support is needed most


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Jambo! We currently prepare the material support of the Kenyatta National Hospital (Nairobi) on site


We currently prepare the material support of cuban physicians with stethoscopes


Do you have a cool project idea? Just let us know and support us in realising new projects!