Hujambo! Hardly any other country on the African continent reflects the discrepancy between an uprising and tradition-conscious nation as well as Kenya. While Nairobi ambitiously aspires to turn into an energetic western metropolis, the population  partly remains neglected and racked with social issues. As in many nations, this contradiction can be observed just perfectly in medical care. Four of our members were offered the great opportunity to spend their surgical elective of the practical year at the Kenyatta National Hospital and to gain valuable personal experience.


In doing so, we were able to get a considerable impression of the medical care in East Africa's largest state hospital. Again, we experienced the perceived discrepancy during our everyday work in a variety of situations. On the one hand, highly complicated operations that are only carried out by the most experienced clinics in Germany, are part of the daily routine. On the other hand, general day-to-day routine is lacking in basic medical equipment.


Due to the personal experiences and contacts of our members, MedHerz e.V. was able to establish a promising and sustainable cooperation. In this matter, MedHerz e.V. has obligated itself to supplying the Kenyatta National Hospital with basic medical products such as pulse oximeters, tourniquets and blood glucose meters.

Buenos dias! Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to visit the country of Cuba - known for its sugar-white beaches, mojitos and cigars - will have been confronted with an island full of contrasts.One of the most obvious paradoxes can be evidently seen in the medical care of the local population. Despite an average income of 20 US-Dollar, the Cuban medical system portrays a role-model to several other hispanic nations. This is mainly due to an excellent academic and practically-orientated training of Cuban doctors. Two of our members took the chance to get in touch closely with the Cuban medical system. In doing so, both of them were faced with the reality of the discrepancy between well educated medical staff and a general lack of simple medical equipment.


That's why we felt encouraged to supply aspiring cardiologists with stethoscopes. With "Stethoskuba", medHerz e.V. aims to ensure adequate medical care in Cuban hospitals.